Margaret Loesser Robinson

"Margaret Loesser Robinson brought to Madeline a lovely earnestness and vulnerability.
She is a charismatic performer."                                                  ~ Glenda Frank, NY Theatre Wire

"Icing on the cake, so to speak, is that Metropolitan’s production is splendid, featuring
what may be the strongest cast ever to trod the boards of this sturdy, intimate East
Village theatre. Anchoring the piece [is] Margaret Loesser Robinson as the
heroic-minded Madeline."                               ~ Martin Denton,

"Margaret Loesser Robinson was luminous in the title role of Margaret Fleming, James A.
Herne's 1890 play... In her committed work as the young, small-town Massachusetts
wife and new mother married to the adulterous local mill owner, Robinson rooted
Herne's play in its time and mood, thus enabling it to speak to the ages."
~ Robert Windeler,

"Margaret Loesser Robinson is a steely Violet"
                                                        ~ David Sheward, Backstage

"A crisp, but graceful character whose brain clearly remains
uncorseted, Robinson’s well drawn creation is real enough
to step off the stage. Her timing is impeccable."
                                                            ~ Alex Cohen, Woman About Town

"Ms. Loesser Robinson has an affecting, bruised defensiveness
as the besmirched but hopeful Anna."
                                                                       ~ David Rooney, NYTimes

"Ms. Robinson brings a spark of innocence and
welcome warmth to the small role of Euphrania"

~Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

"The show is blessed with a wonderful supporting cast, most notably Margaret Loesser Robinson as Mina Murray Harker. Ms. Robinson owned the second act... Her transformation from a giddy young lady engaged to be married to the woman with a bond to Dracula was wonderful to watch."                 ~

"The outstanding Sofia Jean Gomez and Margaret Loesser Robinson effectively vacillate between proper and feral as the Count sucks the two away from a life that, let's be honest, seems so much less attractive."                            ~ The Denver Post

"Robinson keeps up the manic pace, whether she’s slithering about in stilettos
as the doomed agent Annabella Schmidt, enabling Hannay’s escape as a
downtrodden farmer’s wife or winning his heart as the fair English rose
Pamela Edwards. She throws herself into her roles, swinging her hips
in an unforgettable exit and collapsing in a seemingly impossible pos
from a gunshot."                                                  ~The  Barnstable Patriot

"Margaret Loesser Robinson's mysterious foreign spy, Annabella Schmidt, jus
has to start her exaggerated accent, which seems part Elmer Fudd, part Madeline
Kahn in 'Blazing Saddles,' to get a laugh."                                     ~ Cape Cod Times

"Margaret Loesser Robinson plays Annabella Schmidt and pulls out all the stops, curves, bells and whistles in her depiction of this damsel in distress. . .Robinson works her impeccable comedic timing to keep the action, and the laughs, coming."
~Cape Cod Wicked Local

"Robinson gives Grace Kelly a run for her money"
~Jane Holohan, Lancaster New Era

"...there's meat heiress Catherine Simms, played by the perfectly petulant
Margaret Loesser Robinson..."                                        ~Lancaster New Era

"...Robinson showed surprising depth in the pivotal role of Catherine, David's perpetually wining, high-strung debutante fiancee..."         ~Lancaster Sunday News

"...Margaret Loesser Robinson, who plays Arthur’s wife, Guenevere, adds romantic charm and a sweet soprano voice to their story."
~Tom McClary, Centre Daily Times

"I think it is not an exaggeration to say that a star is born on NYSTI’s stage in Robinson’s Eliza. Robinson invests Eliza’s transformation with beautifully directed energy. She masters the different dialects with subtlety and imbues the characterizations with confidence and compassion as Eliza transforms from a flower girl into a flower of society and, finally, into a consort battleship."

"Worthy of star-billing, and an intrinsic component of cover-to-cover
excellence, are... Rosebush (gorgeous Margaret Robinson)..."               
  ~Ann Sinnott (London)